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We Love: Soleil Tan de Chanel illuminating fluid

by Jodi Lawler on

I’m one of those people who rely massively on word of mouth recommendations when I want to upgrade my make-up bag or dabble in a cheeky new purchase. Flash advertising in glossy magazines and slick marketing campaigns don’t really come to bear when I make purchases; instead I like to hear from others with a similar skin type and complexion, or who like similar cosmetic looks and brands – roll up Soleil Tan De Chanel.

I was recommended this little wonder product by a friend who shares my love for that glowy, just-spent-a-week-on-the-Riviera look and I can honestly say I’m not quite sure how I lived without it.

I love the dewy, radiant look that’s been au fait on the catwalks of recent seasons and though I have oily-combination skin (damn you, genes!) I always like to have a flush on my cheeks and over my nose. I have very fair skin naturally and have often noted that people seem to equate glowy skin with an uber bronzed tan and, whilst I’m the first person to dive head first into a pit of fake tan at any opportunity, sometimes I just want the glow without the bronze; that’s where this little beauty comes in.

Soleil Tan is a sheer highlighting fluid with a lovely consistency, making it easy to work with and great for mixing with your base or wearing over (or without) make-up. It takes only a few seconds to dry, which means that you can keep blending and adding until you get the perfect cover for you.

Forget orange undertones, glitter particles or a greasy slick, this illuminator is both natural and subtle and makes your skin look like your skin, just better. Plus, it catches the light absolutely gorgeously. It’s certainly the best illuminator I’ve ever come across and has made me abandon Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl and my precious MAC Strobe Cream, which was my go-to.

My only gripe with this product is the packaging. It’s Chanel, and pricey, so the glass bottle adds to the product’s luxurious and high-end feel, and the embossed gold Chanel logo on the lid looks gorgeous poking out of my make-up bag. I just don’t understand why they’d ruin it with such an odd shaped bottle, with a tiny little hole at the top, which makes getting anything out of it super hard. I use a cotton bud, my friend uses the end of an eyeshadow brush, but really, at £31 a pop, you’d expect a better design that doesn’t require a PHD to get at the product. I do overlook this slight annoyance on a daily basis though because I really do love this product so much.

For daytime I wear this under my Chanel Vitalumiere foundation for super summery, glowy skin and for evening I like to mix a healthy dose into my foundation and apply all over. 

If you like to switch your make-up in the summertime to a fresher and more dewy look then this little number is calling your name. I guarantee It'll be the first thing I pack before I set off on my holidays in a few weeks!

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